Clipless Clips iPhone To Your Clothes Using Frikkin’ Magnets



Clipless is not a foot retention system for bicycle pedals. Or rather, it is, but this version isn’t – it just has the same name. Today’s clipless is instead a magnetic gizmo that sticks your iPhone to your clothes… Or anything else.

It works like this: you take a disk-shaped magnet and slip it under your clothes. Then you take the second part and stick it to the front of your clothes. The magnet sucks the outer part into place, and there are suspiciously clip-like ridges that further secure it in place.

That’s the mount taken care of. Next up, you stick (with good, old-fashioned adhesive) the mounting plate to the back of your iPhone. This lets you slide it onto the “holster”, whether that holster is on your sleeve, inside your jacket or magnetically sandwiching a section of your purse. It’s pretty neat, although I’d question the name “clipless.” Then again, the bike foot-retention system that’s called “clipless” also features lots of clips, so there is precedent.

Once you have bought into the Clipless system, you can buy extra non clips, and even sticky adhesive mounts for mirrors and tiled walls. It’s pretty neat, and the actual on-phone mount part is nice and small.

To get the Clipless, you’ll need to pitch at least $35 on the Kickstarter project. The makers promise an NFC add-on, too, but I can’t really see the point of that – it just seems like they thought they’d play some buzzword bingo.

Source: Kickstarter

Via: Core77

  • GetClipless

    Charlie, thanks for writing about Clipless! Just a heads up…you got the wrong video embedded. is the one you want.

    I do want to clear up, adding NFC was more than “Buzzword Bingo”. The idea came from reddit, we listened, and it makes Clipless awesome. iPhone users will not be able to take advantage, because iPhones do not have NFC (yet?), but many new android phones do. And, to reiterate, it (NFC) is awesome.

    Thanks again! All the best,

  • bdkennedy

    Thanks for the wrong video. It was really great.