What Were The Best New Desktop Apps Of 2009?



It’s that time of year again folks.

Last December, we asked you to nominate your favorite new desktop apps of 2008. Popular choices back then included Evernote, Dropbox, 1Password and Things.

But what new stuff has grabbed your attention during 2009?

Remember, this is new apps we’re talking about. Perhaps one of those myriad Twitter clients has floated your boat. Or maybe a certain new browser just released this week by a well-known search company. There’s loads and loads of new stuff that qualifies, so have a little think about it and then make your suggestions known in the comments – or if you prefer, add a comment to the

Cult of Mac page

on Facebook.

We’re happy to be a little flexible with the rules, so: “new” can mean:

  • a completely brand-new app (this is the best option)
  • a major update to an old friend (Screenflow 2 would qualify, BBEdit 9.3.1 wouldn’t)
  • something that appeared in the final couple of weeks of 2008 and was too late to get noticed that year

There are no prizes, this is just for fun. It’ll be interesting to see which apps get the most votes. Also, please mention why you think your chosen app deserves recognition. What made it stand out? We’ll do a round-up of the most popular choices some time next week.

For clarity: we’re looking for Mac OS X desktop apps, please – we’ll deal with iPhone apps in a separate post. Sorry for confusion.