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DataCase Makes iPhone a Wireless Drive



Veiosoft plans to release software on July 28 that will unleash more of the computing power inside Apple’s wireless handhelds. The $7 program distributed through the AppStore will allow any Mac, Windows or Linux machine to recognize an iPhone or iPod Touch as a volume when the handheld is registered to the same network, allowing transfer of data files between machines with drag and drop ease.

Using Finder and Bonjour, DataCase makes upload applications and server configuration unnecessary to move files between computers or take important data with you on your handheld. Macs integrate seamlessly with your handheld using Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) connectivity, while Windows and Linux computers are supported through HTTP and FTP.

The program supports up to 16 different volumes on the iPhone or iPod Touch, each configurable with read/write/browse permissions. Those concerned about the security implications of makng data so portable should be pleased to know files can me made invisible and alerts set to require authentication before allowing a connection over the network.

Many have felt the iPhone’s true innovation lies in portable computing and DataCase looks ready to begin delivering on that promise.

6 responses to “DataCase Makes iPhone a Wireless Drive”

  1. Slagheap says:

    This sounds cool… but what does it have to do with portable computing? It’s just storage. It doesn’t use the “computing power inside…” the iPhone at all.

    (Except for handling Bounjour, AFP, etc.).

  2. lonbud says:

    @Slagheap: (Except for handling Bounjour, AFP, etc.)

    Well, thanks for partially answering your own question.

    Insofar as DataCase makes use of things, and enhances computing functions such as data transfer/read/write/browse – that are not related to the iPhone’s functions as a phone or a media player – it seems to make the iPhone a little bit more like a portable computer, or as the headline suggests, a wireless drive.

  3. DondeEsta says:

    It’s July 28, and the application is still not available on iTunes…anyone knwo whats going on?