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ScanDock, The $500 Stand For Your iPhone



The iPhone camera is already so much better for utility photography than a regular camera, why not use it to replace your scanner, too? That’s the idea behind the ScanDock, a combo stand, lighting rig and companion app for scanning pretty much anything on paper.

First, the ScanDock holds your iPhone above a stand, keeping it centered and parallel to the baseboard. That board has a special silicone coating that will hold papers flat without using a frame, and the head of the scanner has LED lamps to illuminate the whole scene.

Yes, you could scan pictures and books pages just by holding the iPhone in your hand, but whenever I do that I always end upsetting my own light. Plus, the ScanDock has a sample strip at the edge to let the camera get perfect exposure and white balance every time, and the app will crop and straighten your scans for you. It’ll even let you scan a whole pocketful of business cards at once.

All this for “only” $500. Ha!

The only shortcoming? You can’t sit on it and take pictures of your fat ass at the office Christmas Party. Actually, maybe that’s a feature?

Source: ScanDock
Thanks: Amanda!