Camera Noir, An Ultra-Simple, Ultra-Awesome B&W iPhone Camera App



Camera Noir is just about the most basic B&W photo app I have ever seen. And yet, miraculously, it seems to have included just the right features. I can tell you in two words what you can tweak: almost nothing. And yet the results are fantastic.

There are three buttons on the screen: The shutter, a button to browse your photo library, and the brightness button. This last is the only control you have over the image, and it comes in three flavors: lo, mid and hi. That’s it. In fact, so sparse are the controls that I even checked the Settings app to se if there was anything there (like a control to turn off the annoying beep whenever you tap to focus).

But if you like B&W (and you probably do if you spent $2 on this app like I did) and you miss the Gotham filter from OG Instagram, then you’ll love the results. The photos are inky and rich, and really use the info they get from the iPhone 5’s great camera.

There are a few more handy features. There’s a level line and some square crop marks to help with framing, and you can also import photos from the camera roll to process and then share.

Go grab it. It’s no Hueless, but then it’s not trying to be. I love it already.

Source: Pacific Helm