Pocket Tripod, A Truly Ingenious Any-Angle iPhone Stand That Is The Size Of A Credit Card



This amazing little iPhone stand has two great features: it is the size and shape of a credit card, letting you carry it with you always. And it somehow manages to hold the iPhone at any angle you like, in vertical or horizontal orientations. Is it magic?

No. Just clever engineering. The Pocket Tripod has several clever twists and folds, and it can also split into two halves for using in landscape. The resulting stand has a couple of slots into which you can slide the iPhone, and these slots are set into half-circle “hinges” which are what let you set the angle to anything you like.

It looks ingenious, and the far-to-long video on the Kickstarter page shows – exhaustively – a while list of uses. Yes, Kickstarter. The good news, though, is that you only need pitch $20, then forget about the whole thing until November when the Pocket Tripod is planned to ship.

Source: Pocket Tripod
Source: Kickstarter