Olloclip App Corrects Distortion From Olloclip Lenses



It’s hard to believe, but some people don’t like the image-crunching, JPG-mangling special effects of app like Instagram. Instead, they want the output from the iPhone’s highly-tuned camera to be clean and as good as it can be. Which is why Olloclip’s new iPhone app goes in the opposite direction to most grungification apps and corrects errors introduced by the company’s clip-on lens of the same name.

You can work on photos taken either with other app, or use the Olloclip app to capture pictures, in which case you get independent control of focus and exposure, as well as shooting video.

But the point of this app is to correct the distortions introduced by sticking an extra lens in front of the iPhone’s camera, and to do this you use the “Mesh Editor Tool,” which allows you to remove things like barrel and pincushion distortion.

And for the Instagram addicts, you can always use this tool to make things worse, and introduce distortions where there were none.

The price for this app is $0.

Source: Olloclip
Source: iTunes
Via: iPhoneography