Two Neat New Backlit iPad Mini Keyboard Cases From Zagg



Two new iPad mini keyboard cases from Zagg today: A super-thin magnetic cover and a thicker stick-on “folio” case, similar to the Pro Plus case for the regular-sized iPad only with a top cover too. And both, amazingly, are backlit.

For me, it’s a shootout between Zagg and Logitech when it comes to choosing the best iPad keyboards. I remain unconvinced by either of their offerings for the iPad mini, though, as they’re just too small: The iPad’s small size might be perfect for a tablet, but it’s terrible for a keyboard. Making a keyboard case that matches the mini is almost certain to end in netbook-style disaster. I type on my mini all the time, but I use a full-sized Logitech keyboard to do it.

Still, if you’re going to cramp yourself, you should at least do it without cramping your style. Both of these cases (set to be around $100 when they launch) look great, and offer the usual iPad-specific media and control keys.

I’ll skip them: I already teeter on the edge of RSI every day that I type, so I’ll stick with my comfy – and big Easy-Switch K811.

Source: Business Wire

Thanks: Jane!