The Makers Of DodoCase Think You Should Attach This Paper Notebook To Your iPhone



Even though the iPhone has thousands of apps that help you organize your thoughts and ideas, nothing works quite as well as a traditional paper notebook. At least that’s the thinking that went into DODOnotes, the first iPhone compatible paper notebook.

DODOcase, the company behind one of our favorite iPad cases, has come out with a new product for iPhone called DODONotes. It’s basically just a notepad with a little die-cut tray nest for your iPhone while an elastic strap holds it in place and also prevents you from actually using your iPhone.

While most iPhone users will probably find the notebook more of an inconvenience,  DODOnotes might be a decent solution for creative types or anyone else who needs to jot down ideas quickly on paper throughout the day but don’t want to carry around a notebook everywhere.

Each DODOnotes is made using the same traditional craft techniques that have made DODOcase popular. You get 30 tear-out sheets of Mohawk Superfine paper that are wrapped in an exterior bookcloth fabric. Unfortunately, there’s no way to refill your supply of paper, so whenever you run out of room on your 30 sheets of paper (which will probably happen pretty fast) you’lll have to toss your DODOnotes and buy a new one.

At $13.95 a pop we can’t really give you a good reason to buy DODOnotes instead of a small notebook for $0.99. But if you’re looking for a novelty item to give a friend, or just don’t mind using your iPhone with a black band across it, then I guess this is the perfect product for you.



Source: DODOcase


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    This case is very beautiful ad practical. Good video..
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  • lord_dodo

    Regrettably this product infringes long standing (since 1965) and very extensive trademarks we hold in both the USA and UK/EU for the word ‘Dodo’ in paper stationery products, class 16. We are in contact with DODOcase regarding this but thus far have heard nothing from them in relation to their changing the name to remove the word ‘Dodo’. We admire DODOcase for their iPad and digital protection products but we will protect our trademarks from infringement. Rebecca Jay Managing Director, Dodo Pad Ltd.

  • lord_dodo

    We have today concluded an amicable agreement with DODOcase and they are changing the name of the product to ‘DODOcase Notes’ which is not considered an infringement of our trademarks as it simply uses their housemark.