The iPhone Mini Running Jonathan Ive’s Redesigned iOS 7 Would Be Gorgeous [Gallery]



What would a budget or mid-range iPhone mini look like with a radical new vision of iOS 7 installed on it, fronted by that skeuomorph-hating design perfectionist, Jony Ive?

Martin Hajekone of the most talented Apple concept designers around — wanted to know, so he created a new budget iPhone concept that features bighter colors, a smaller screen, and a plastic backshell inspired by the iPad mini, then “installed” Dámaso Benítez’ “really nice concept” of how Jony Ive might flatten iOS 7.

On my part, I seriously doubt iOS 7 will look anything like this: Ive’s sense of design sophistication is not going to have him making app icons that look as if they would be right at home in a preschoolers sticker book. But it’s a nice concept none the less.

Some more images after the break to wet your whistle.




Source: Martin Hajek

  • Ollie_McMillan

    The hardware concept is great but the iOS 7 concept looks hideous and childlike.

  • rogifan

    Please STOP with the stupid concepts. And stop putting Ive’s name in the title just to get clicks.

  • joewaylo

    Yuck. No accounting for taste there.

  • aardman

    What’s with this flatness fetish? You’ve got Jonny Ive, the paramount industrial designer of the age working for Apple and everyone is now recommending that he takes design cues from Microsoft and put it in Apple products?

  • technochick

    So it isn’t Jonys ‘redesign’ making the headline a flat lie. Wow, first lying about Cook’s statements with a source that doesn’t back you up. Now you are lying in headlines.

    Careful John, you are nearing the line of becoming another Mike. And this site could do without the one it already has.

  • technochick

    The hardware concept is great but the iOS 7 concept looks hideous and childlike.

    I agree with some parts of it, like I doubt that they would go to square boxes, but none of the icon art would be changed and certainly not into things so ugly. I particularly noted the iTunes icon which now looks almost identical to the current music player. No way would they create that kind of confusion for users.

    And that animation thing. Ugh

  • sirobin171