Easily (Really Easily) Make Storyboards on Your iPhone with Disney Story [Daily Freebie]



So far, it’s been an interesting few weeks for digital publishing. Late last month saw the introduction of Flowboard, a digital publishing platform centered around an iPad app.

Now Disney has come out with their (highly simplified) take. Disney Story is a free iPhone app that lets you easily create a storyboard from photos on your iPhone, with accompanying text, which you can then share via email or on Facebook.

The key phrase here is “easily”; Disney couldn’t possibly have made Story any easier to use. The app will even group images by date and location for you (assuming you haven’t turned photo geotagging off). There are no themes or fonts or anything to choose. Just pick which images you want in the story, resize them, maybe add a little text — that’s it, you’re done. What you’ll end up with is a digital booklet that can either be flipped through or viewed as a slideshow. Now you can share your creation via email or Facebook.

Just like with Flowboard, the finished product is hosted on Disney’s servers and viewable online through any web browser (so long as you’ve been invited with an email link), or on Facebook. Unlike Flowboard, the booklets aren’t viewable through the app itself.

  • amplifytoday

    Just start using this app and agree with your review. The app let’s youtell your story. I’m surprised it took someone this long to develop an app like this.