Lowepro’s Messenger 150 Bag Totes An iPad And Camera Gear [Review]


Looks smallish, holds a lot: Lowepro's Event Messenger 150
Looks smallish, holds a lot: Lowepro's Event Messenger 150.

Gadgets! Camera bag crafters know that, these days, if you’re carrying photo stuffs, you’re likely also bringing some kind of computer, and other electronic knick-knacks, along for the ride.

Lowepro Event Messenger 150 by Lowepro
Category: Backpacks
Works With: DSLRs, lenses, iPads
Price: $70

A lot of bags concede that means a small Macbook Pro or Air will need a lift, but Lowepro’s Event Messenger 150 bag knows true technorati stroll with only the essentials: a lens or two, a camera body, and an iPad. So that’s what the sleek-looking Event Messenger 150 (EM 150) was built to transport. I took it for a spin to see how it performs.

What It Does

The urban photog carries more than lenses and a camera body around the mean streets; Lowepro’s Event Messenger does too, with space for two lenses, up to a full-frame camera body with medium or short tele affixed, your full-size iPad, and of course, the usual stockpile of smaller items, like memory cards, batteries, and the like.
Being coy is also part of the plan. The EV 150 is supposed to look like a normal bag, not a camera bag, because, really, unless you’re on a commercial shoot, you may not care to trumpet you’re carrying a sack of highly salable goods.

In Use

At first I felt like the EM 150 was built on the flimsy side, but after using it a while, it occurred to me that, for what its intended use is, its build is just fine. I also appreciated that bag’s weight, which is noticeably less than other bags of a similar size. Often camera bags themselves add too much weight to the mix, but the Event Messenger offers a good balance.

Foldable flaps serve and protect.

I was also impressed with just how much the EM 150 can comfortably hold. It looks small, but because of its smart layout, it actually stomached two medium-sized lenses and my full frame Canon with attached 24-70 lens. Lowepro’s foldable compartment walls are what make it possible. Two of padded walls fold over the tops of stored lenses in the bag, which, besides providing ample protection for the glass, also gives a DSLR a perfect perch to rest upon. A lot of smaller bags attempt this organizational feat; few do it well.

It looked as though the pressure could break my iPad’s screen if the bag fell or jostled too much.

A well-padded sleeve for a full-size iPad gives either your mini or larger iDevice a nice home, but beware if your camera is the large kind. I found the top of my Canon pressed against the iPad compartment so much, it looked as though the pressure could break my iPad’s screen if the bag fell or jostled too much. A smaller camera would likely not cause this issue, but as it were, I flipped my iTab so its aluminum backside was taking the brunt of my camera’s pokes and prods.

The full frontal view.

A shoulder pad with a little more padding would also be a welcome touch. The bag is cozy when lightly packed, but stuffed full, the Event Messenger could make for a sore neck and shoulder, especially after a long day of use.

I do very much fancy the EV 150 understated good looks, however. With just a small bit of red on black, the bag looks good, while also not shouting HEY THIEVES I’VE GOT CAMERA GEAR. Lowepro designed the bag to be discrete in that way, even building in velco silencers in the front flap so it can be opened discreetly when the situation demands.

Product Name: : Event Messenger 150 Bag
The Good: Holds a lot of gear for its size. Light weight.
The Bad: Not comfortable when fully loaded. Not the most robust build.
The Verdict A great photography day bag that carries the essentials.
Buy from: Lowepro