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StandScan Turns you iPhone Into a Powerful Scanner



The second-most-common use for my iPhone’s camera is
scanning. I snap pages from recipe books, business cards from, well, from the kind of people who still carry business cards, and hand-written notes from index cards. Which means that my Camera Roll is full of pictures of slightly skewed documents with my pink thumb peeking in at the bottom corner.

Standscan will stop this.

Standscan is a thin and light (250 grams) stand made from what my dad used to call “plastic card” (note to the concerned: my dad is still around – he just doesn’t call it that anymore). It folds flat to sit in a bag or tucked neatly into a drawer and opens out into a sturdy light stand. Two version are available, one with a lamp ($30) and one without ($20), and both support your iPhone at the correct distance from the target paper to scan a US letter-sized or A4-sized sheet.

Could you make your own? Sure. But why bother when it’s this cheap? Available now.

Source: StandScan