Spend Four Bucks And Play Hit iOS Game Royal Revolt On Your Mac


Royal Revolt 5

Ok, so you’re a prince sent out to learn your magic at Bogsmarts, a magical boarding school for aristocratic youth in a far away kingdom. While you’re gone getting your Bachelor’s degree in petty magic, your evil aunts and uncles have predictably taken over all the smaller castles in your father’s lands, shutting you out of your rightful inheritance. So, it’s up to you to muster your troops and set off across the land, beating up your relatives’ troops, barricades, and (eventually) taking over their castles as well.

In this reverse tower/castle defense game published by keen games (TNT Racers), you’ll find a polished and fun game to while away some time on your Mac just like you do on your iPad or iPhone. That’s because Royal Revolt was originally released for the iOS platform in September of last year as a free-to-play game chock full of what you’d expect from the genre: plenty of gems, coins, upgrading troops and heros, and some fun touch-based gameplay.

royal revolt

The Mac version of Royal Revolt feels a lot like a free-to-play game, but it will run you $3.99 to start. That may seem like a disconnect, but once you download this beautiful game and zap it open on your Mac, you’ll quickly feel like it was worth the four bucks due to the prettiness alone. Also, it’s kind of fun to play with a mouse and hotkeys, to be honest, clicking away to send troops and launch spells at the opposing troops.

The basic gameplay involves clicking your hero from point to point, training troops that come up from your home castle, and directing your hero to knock down barricades, engage enemies, and unleash both healing and offensive spells at both enemy towers as well as bad guys bent on keeping you down. The game is organized into familiar stages that you can beat to earn up to three stars in, gaining gems and gold pieces as well, which are used to upgrade your hero, your troops, and your spells. Want more coins and upgrades? You can purchase more gems in the online store.

royal revolt 4

While it feels a bit weird at first playing an obviously free-to-play, iOS-style game on the Mac, the game is a delight to both eyes and ears, and has that great addictive stickiness and gentle learning and difficulty curve that makes even the best of us think about dropping some cash to upgrade our troops just a little bit faster, or grinding just one more level to do the same.

If you’ve got a spare four bucks this weekend, you could spend it on something a lot less worthwhile than Royal Revolt and hate yourself in the morning.

Source: Mac App Store