Muji Splash-Proof Speaker Keeps Your iPhone Safe Inside



I’m a big fan of waterproof speakers. Not just for in-shower podcast listening, so I can get all excited about CultCast host Erfon Elijah’s sweet vocal tones as I froth myself into a soapy lather. No, I also like to listen to Erfon in the kitchen as I cook, perhaps kneading a soft and supple bread dough by hand, or washing the dirty dishes with my rough hands plunged into the hot suds…

Anyway. Splash-proof speakers. Muji makes one .

They cost $70, and they use a wired connection. This lack of a Bluetooth radio means that the speaker can eke out up to 30 hours on a triplet of AAAs, and it holds your iPhone safe inside.

Unlike a few fully waterproof speakers we’ve seen, the Muji model has a membrane which forms a waterproof window over your iPhone’s screen, but still permits touch to permeate. Thus you can skip back 30 seconds to hear Erfon’s awesome joke again. And again.

Available now, from a Muji store or internet-connected device near you.

Source:: Muji

Via: Apartment Therapy