iPhone Stamp for UI Sketching



Yeah, you could buy reams and reams of bound notebooks all pre-printed with iPhone-shaped templates for your UI-designing needs. But what will that get you? Boxes of crappy notebooks all filled with quad-printed paper and covered with little iPhone outlines.

Worse, you’ll have to carry these with you along with your proper Moleskine notebook if you want to do any real sketching or note taking.

But what if you could add an iPhone page to any book, any time you like? With this stamp, you totally can.

Recently I’ve been sketching some UI concepts for an iPhone app in my Field Notes notebook. I typically start by drawing a rectangle that crudely approximates the real life size of an iPhone screen, but I figured there might be a better solution that keeps the spirit of the quick and dirty UI sketch, while making sure the screen is the correct size and proportion. I decided to have a custom rubber stamp made.

Made by the folks at Studio Neat (who you may know from such internet hits as the Glif and the Cosmonaut), this stamp just needs a quick slap onto an ink pad before being smashed down onto your notebook page of choice, neatly mixing old and new.

The pads aren’t for sale, but the template is available as a free PDF download for you to take to your local stamp-making emporium where you can get your own. I have a friend who carries her own stamp with her contact details instead of using a business card, and that’s pretty neat. This iPad stamp is even neater.

Source: The Russians Used a Pencil