Even As Wall Street Gets Stupider About AAPL, Verizon Sells More iPhones Than Ever



Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: even as Apple’s stock price has plunged below $400 as twitchy Wall Street investors panic upon rumors that iPhone and iPad demand has slowed, Verizon Wireless has reported that they activated 4 million iPhones in the last quarter. That’s 500,000 more than was estimated, an 84% increase year-over-year in iPhones activated: overall, it means that almost 56% of all phones Verizon sold last quarter were iPhones.

So can everyone calm down about iPhone growth slowing, already? We’ll know the truth when Apple announces their financial earnings next Tuesday, April 23rd.

Source: Verizon

  • DrM47145

    Where some people might predict Apple’s apocalypse, having a stock price below $400 might be seen as an opportunity for some to buy more for when it sky-rockets, again.

  • Whodakat

    These investors have to be the stupidest people alive. Apple has $130 billion in cash! LOL They have the #1 or #2 phone on the market and clearly the best tablet. They run their supply lines like a boss. The only thing they aren’t doing is inventing completely new markets at a quick enough rate for these Wall Street morons. Its ok though. As much as I want an iWatch and an iTV, I’d rather see the stock hit about $100. Then I’m going to scrape together every penny I can and pay for all my iDevices for years to come!

  • fulviofarina

    Oh no my friend, they are not stupid, they are very clever crows. They are so greedy that they spread negative rumors all the time so they can buy Apple again at 370$ (or less) and hold them until it reaches 700$ again. You will see how easy Apple gets back to healthy levels once they start spreading good news again after they buy. It would be stupid to believe these analysts (specially GS, JPMorgan and Jefferies, which were shorting it all the time since October). It would be stupid to sell your shares so they can buy them very cheap and get your dividend as well!! Don’t sell and hold tight. We, retail investors, are the resistance!!

  • fulviofarina

    In this bussiness it is all about spreading bad rumors to buy cheap and spread good news to sell high. That is the fundamental truth about Wall Street analysts (CROWS). News, sentiments, rumors. You have to buy every healthy company that has a cheap valutation (base yourself on fundamentals, like the PE, EPS, PEG and beta AND Simple moving averages which determines de resistance floors) so you can make impressive earnings. I will buy more Apple if it hits bottom between 320-370 because that company is a impressive cash-making machine and their brand is in the heart of millions of people. Apple is not Nokia or RIM, it has positive earnings, not negative ones. Also, there’s no high-end smartphone from Samsung that costs much less than an IPhone. In Europe, the S4 would costs 700 eur, the S3 sells for 600 eur. The iPhone 5 sells for 689 eur. All that Samsung is selling like bread is Android Gingerbread (2 years old) cheap phones for new users that wants a smartphone but has no money for iPhones.