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Barry For iOS Save Screenshots Of Entire Web Pages



Ever wanted to save a picture of an entire webpage? I have. Last time I made a style guide for our Cult of Mac reviews, I wanted to take a picture and scrawl notes on it. Could I find an app to help? Could I hell. In the end I resorted to printing PDF on my Mac and…. I can’t really remember. It was so convoluted that my brain has repressed the traumatic memory.

If only I’d had Barry to help me.

Barry is a Universal app which takes full-length screenshots of webpages, and saves them. Browse to page, hit the Capture button and you’re done. Images are saved in a library, and you can easily view them or even tap a button to visit the original page. To be clear, the entire webpage is captured, from the URL bar to the bottom of the page – not just visible part you see on the screen right now.

From there, you can export in almost any way you like – Dropbox, to the camera roll, Twitter, e-mail and the clipboard. Settings let you choose between JPG and PNG, and you can even install a bookmarklet in Mobile Safari to open pages in Barry for processing.

Uses? Almost infinite. Right now (well, not right now, because right now I’m typing this) I’m saving pages of Apple’s various product pages so I can easily spot the differences in specs when updates are made.

It’s a single-serving app that gets everything right. And it only costs a dollar. I bought it as soon as I saw it, and I’m totally impressed. It even has an icon with a mustache and glasses!

Source: iTunes
Via: MacStories