AppGratis The First Of Many App Recommenders To Be Pulled By Apple


  • technochick

    They don’t load and run every app that they review so it’s not a shock that they miss a few things since all they are looking for is certain key code that reflects known private APIs, sand boxing violations etc.

    But now that there have been dozens of articles about this with other apps being called out by name it will be easy for them to find and ban those as well. Right after they ‘ban’ the comic Saga from in app sales for explicit sex images now that the whole gay thing brought that detail (which they may not have known since they don’t vet every item inside apps either) to light

  • jasonrupe2012

    Killian, What about or AppsGoneFree, or AppOday or AppsHawk or so many other REAL scammers who claim to do the exact same thing as Appgratis but all they want is money from developers, yet they break the same clauses 2.25 and 5.6 that you stated. FAAD is rigged and just like the APP Store, if you have the money then your app can be seen. ARE YOU GOING TO REPORT about this other discovery app companies? And how they are still on the App Store and yet APPLE has not pulled them out for infringing on clauses 2.25 and 5.6? I hope to see some fairness