Intel Announces Next-Gen Thunderbolt Will Support 20Gbps Throughput And 4k Video



Even though Apple has included Thunderbolt ports on its Mac line since 2011, the technology hasn’t really taken off yet as a go-to connection for accessory makers. Despite that, Intel is making Thunderbolt even better by doubling its data-transfer rate.

This morning at NAB, Intel announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface. The new Thunderbolt will clock in with 20 Gbps transfer-speeds in both directions and support 4k video.

If you’ve ever tried Thunderbolt though, then you’re probably in love with it’s super-fast data transfer speeds. Intel announced that they’ve signed over 200 licensees. New compatible devices and thinner cables should be coming out within the next few months.

The addition of 4k video file transfer could help Thunderbolt and 4K video become more popular with consumers as the next-gen Thunderbolt will be backward-compatible with previous Thunderbolt cables and connectors. Production of the new interface is set to begin in 2014.


Source: Engadget