Samsung Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera Will Cost Almost $600



There seem to be two ways to make a Wi-Fi-enabled camera. The first is to build an actual camera and add a Wi-Fi radio. The second is to make an iPod Touch with a decent 5MP camera module inside. Depending on your requirements, either one can be great.

But there now appears to be a third way. Samsung has taken a camera, added an Android phone, and then taken away the phone part of that phone. Behold! The Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera.

The camera is of course more than that snarky introduction would suggest. Unlike the iPod Touch the Galaxy Camera packs a big, zoomable lens and a non-tiny sensor. And of course it has all the image-processing apps available for the Android OS.

But I wonder if anyone will buy it. It's one thing seeing a rather cool (if clunky) camera at the local cellphone emporium and realizing you can put your SIM in there and make calls. It's another entirely to choose this giant over the skinny iPod Touch. Especially in a world where compact camera sales are already withering thanks to good-enough cellphone cameras.

Let me put it another way: If you want a pocket camera with a computer and a web connection, would you buy this over iPod Touch? And if you want a "proper" camera, would you buy this rather clunky device (I've tried one) with pretty poor image quality? No and no, right?

Anyway, should you decide that you really, really want a big, crappy camera with a battery-hating OS, then you'll be able to get one soon, for "just" €450 ($580).

Source: DP Review