Scosche’s CoverCharge Adds A Second USB Port To Your iPad Charger



What if you tok Twelve South’s neat Plugbug Mac charger extension and shrunk it down to work with the iPad charger? You’d get Scosche’s CoverCharge, that’s what. Just like the Plugbug, the adapter slides onto its host and adds an extra USB port.

This is one gadget I’ll be buying as soon as it ships. Just this last weekend I went on a two-day bike “tour” with a friend and I took along two chargers, one for my iPhone, and one for my iPad mini, figuring that I’d need to get juice into them simultaneously if we found power outlets (as we planned all along to stay in a hotel, this precaution was rather pointless, but still).

If I’d had the CoverCharge, I could have take it along instead of having to carry the already tiny and portable iPhone charger.

OK, so this widget isn’t quite as useful as it first seems, but if you’re limited to just one power outlet (surprisingly common in hotels even today) or you just like gadgets that fit together like Transformers, then the £12 asking price ($18) is totally worth it.

Source: Pocket-lint

Via: Andrew Liszewski