Printic Turns Your IPhone Photos Into Fauxlaroids and Posts Them To Your Friends


A picture is worth… $1. That’s what Printic will charge you for a single, Polaroid-shaped print, sent to your (or anyone else’s) door and ordered from the easy comfort of your own iPhone.

There are (probably literally) a zillion apps in the App Store that’ll send you printed pictures, but Printic has a great tune in its promo video, and I like the schtick of sending you Instagrammatical, Polaroid-esque prints, so it gets a mention.

Actually, there’s another reason to write this up: the video has a pretty glaring grammatical error in there, involving a misplaced apostrophe. See if you can spot it.

Anyhow, the app lets you pull photos from your camera roll, Instagram, (of course) and Facebook, and send them to the printers right there from the app. I’m going to give it a shot, as I really miss having actual photos, and sending a print to someone is way more thoughtful (and pleasing to to receiver) than emailing the JPG. And with Printic, it’s not actually any more hassle than mailing that same JPG.

Available right now

Source: Printic

Via: Petapixel