Your iCloud Is Now More Secure Thanks To Two-Step Authentication


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Following a seemingly endless series of hacks that have afflicted cloud service providers like Evernote and Dropbox, Apple has just introduce two-step verification for your Apple ID, which makes you enter a code (sent to a single trusted device) every time you make changes to your account or make a new iTunes or App Store purchase from a new device.

The idea here is to make it harder for hackers who have stolen your Apple ID login details to actually do anything with that information without access to a specific device (like, say, your iPhone). To make any big changes on your Apple ID, you’ll need both the hardware and the login details.

To sign up for two-step verification, go to Apple’s Apple ID subssite, login with your Apple ID and then select “Password & Security” in the sidebar to get started.

Sadly, two-step authentication apparently only works right now in the U.S., UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. English speaking countries. Expect to see a more international rollout of this feature soon.

Via: Gizmodo

  • Chris Cooper

    One flaw I have found is that, currently, this has no effect on
    After enabling 2-step verification, I was able to log into my iCloud via Safari on a Mac I’d never used before with private browsing enabled.
    I could still access all the data on there, and could remotely lock my iPhone. I presume it would erase it just as easily too but I didn’t want to try that one.
    All this just by using the email and password as usual.
    Hopefully the 2-step verification will be updated to include logging into iCloud from an unknown device as well.