Tabrider, Like Guitar Hero For Real Guitars


Imagine if games like Guitar Hero weren’t just a stupid waste of drunken time but actually taught you to play the guitar instead. That way, you could actually get some benefit from the hours you pour into practicing the game.

Tabrider is that game. It’s an interactive training app which you play with your real guitar. It looks pretty neat.

The app comes pre-loaded with guitar tabs (musical notation designed for guitarists) for tons of songs, and you load one up and play along, just like with any old tab-reading software.

The difference is that the app listens to you through the iPad’s microphone, and checks to see that you’re keeping up. There are several modes, including one which pauses until you’ve played a not before moving on to the next one. Once you get used to a song, you can step things up and play for points: just like Guitar Hero, you will be scored on your performance.

The app is free, and the developers say they’re negotiating with the publishers to include famous songs.If you want to learn guitar, hate to practice but love video games, then Tabrider looks just about ideal.


  • itsJelooo

    You mean like Rock Band 3 Pro Mode? Or Rocksmith?

  • TabRider

    TabRider is an iPad App, it uses the built-in microphone so you don’t have to plug your guitar to the device, and you can play with any electric or acoustic guitar. It displays classical tabs which is convenient especially when the tab becomes tricky. Have a look on the appstore, we would gladly collect your feedbacks! We are currently working on new features such as acquiring rights for famous songs, uploading your own tabs, adding more pedagogic content, recording, social features, and so on.

    Stephane, co-founder of TabRider