Easily Create And Present Video Slideshows From Your iPhone With Stitch [iOS Tips]



Do you present a lot? Maybe PowerPoint or Keynote presentations in front of lots of busy professionals? Have you ever had that nightmare where you get to your hotel and realize that you forgot to make the presentation you give the next morning? Yeah, me neither.

However, if I did wake up to that horrifying reality, I’d grab Stitch, an iPhone app that lets you make video presentations using your own pictures and text in minutes, right from your iPhone. Here’s how.

First, download Stitch from the App Store and launch it on your iPhone. Sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account, and then tap on the sample project to choose a template and a visual effect. I chose Hire Me and Glitch. Tap on Done in the upper right corner, and then you’ll see the editing screen.

Tap on the first slide and swipe up with three fingers to get rid of the help overlay. Tap on the large Plus button in the upper right of the editing screen, and type in your text. Tap on the Text color button to the left to change the color and style of your text. Tap the camera icon in the upper left to add pictures, either from your camera or camera roll. Hit Done when you’re, you know, done.

When you’ve tapped through all the slides and edited them to your heart’s content, hit the big triangle Play button to preview. If it’s all to your liking, hit the Finished button in the lower right, and Stitch will render your video, ready for playback on any device you can send your iPhone screen to, like an Apple TV or your Macbook.

Then? Then you can party when it’s over, because you totally didn’t lose your job.

Source: App Store
Via: Addictive Tips