Use Your iPhone Flash For Visible, LED-Powered Notification Alerts [iOS Tips]


LED Flash Alerts

If you’ve read these tips for any length of time, you’ll know that there are plenty of settings on your iPhone that were designed first and foremost for people with various disabilities, but that can be extremely useful for those of us who don’t have a specific disability, as well.

Flash-powered alerts are one of these features; for those with hearing impairments, using the iPhone’s flash to let them know when a notification alert has happened is critical, as they may not be able to hear an audible alert, nor the telltale buzz sound the iPhone makes when set on a flat surface.

If you want to use this same notification feature yourself, perhaps when having an audible alert, vibration or otherwise, isn’t viable, here’s what to do.

Tap to launch your Settings app, and then tap on the General section. Scroll down to the Hearing section, and toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch to ON. Now, whenever you get an alert that would otherwise buzz or activate a tone, you’ll also get a light-powered alert. Be sure to place your phone face down when you do, though, or you might miss the display. In addition, this will only activate if your phone is asleep, either with the Sleep/Wake button or on its own.

Via: Macworld Hints