The Best Accidental iPod Engraving You’ll Find [Image]



Be careful what you request on Apple’s website. While you might think you’re passing on the opportunity to get something beautiful engraved on your iPod, you might actually be requesting it.

That’s what happened to one unfortunate redditor who swears he totally didn’t want Apple to engrave anything on his iPod. This joke has been around for years, but it’s still funny, right?

Source: Reddit

Via: Gizmodo

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4 responses to “The Best Accidental iPod Engraving You’ll Find [Image]”

  1. Rebelord says:

    Your “around for years” link is broken.

  2. hanhothi says:

    This would suggest the whole process is automated. If a person was in the loop and did the engraving, would they have gone ahead, or used some common sense to realise it was a refusal?

  3. gettysburg11s says:

    this is always funny. Its not as if Apple’s website is complex or hard to understand. You’d have to REALLY not be paying attention.

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