Mango Case Is Like A Pair Of House Slippers For Your iPhone 5



Take a look at this iPhone case that turns your svelte, pocket-friendly computer into a big, bloated plastic boat. You might scoff. I did. But then I realized that at home I lay my iPhone on tables and tatamis ay more often than I carry it in my pocket. And I am constantly picking it up to check the web, or to play music and podcasts before putting it back on a (most likely wet) kitchen table.

So this Mango thing actually looks pretty neat.

The Mango is a distinguished mostly by the big hole on the back into which you can comfortably tuck your fingers. Use it two-handed for typing, or one-handed for… uh…

So handy. I want one for my kitchen.

It also has flat sections so you can prop the iPhone 5 up at various handy angles (55˚ and 15˚ are scientifically proven to be the most useful angles in the universe), and can even make the slimline iPhone big and round enough to grab between your ear and shoulder for no-hands calling. I am old enough to remember using a phone like this, but as I don’t actually make or receive more than one phone call per month (average) then I don’t care for this old-school feature. Want one? You’ll need to order it from South Korea, and it’ll cost you around $26.

Source: X-idip

Via: Yanko

  • sault

    I can´t believe somebody thought that this was a good idea….

  • trich63

    I disagree with @sault. One-handed activities like cooking, sitting with an adult beverage and a tasty snack while catching up on the non-business news of the day after a long day at work, or just reading long-form articles would be enhanced with a better grip. And I usually kick off my shoes and socks and slip on my fuzzy slippers when I come in from work, so why shouldn’t my iPhone?

    I do love the iMac G4 in the lead photo background. Wish it had a huge Tiger start-up screen!

  • ocjoy

    I’m with you trich, so many ways to multi-task and relax with a little help from the mango case. I’m going to get one.