New Jailbreak Tweak Hacks The Pebble Smartwatch To Show More iPhone Notifications [Jailbreak]



The Pebble smartwatch has been creating a lot of hype lately, and while we’re still waiting to try it out in the Cult of Mac offices, other early reviews have been pretty positive. Apple is rumored to be working on an iWatch, and we’re just starting to get a glimpse of the future of wearable technology with the likes of Pebble.

Pebble is cool because it connects with your iPhone or Android device to display incoming notifications, control music, etc. A new jailbreak tweak takes it one step farther by letting you see all incoming notifications—no matter the app—via Pebble on your wrist.

Developer Conrad Kramer released “BTNotificationEnabler” today in Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store. Kramer described his tweak as being “nothing too fancy” to me. It breaks a barrier in iOS that inhibits all notifications from being sent over Bluetooth. Since Pebble uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone, that means any app’s notifications can be sent to the watch.

It appears that Pebble only works with the Messages, Phone and certain music apps out of the box. Pebble has a developer framework that allows for third-party apps, but jailbreak developers have an upper hand. A jailbroken iPhone is not restricted by the rules Apple puts in place for iOS. Kramer’s tweak, while maybe not that exciting, is a perfect example.

There all kinds of opportunities for jailbreakers to create useful hacks for the Pebble watch. Being able to use Siri on your wrist would be pretty nice.

Source: @conradev

Image: @blake_olinger