Yes, You Can Now Buy A Cutting Board With A Built-In iPad Stand



The Chef’s Sleeve is a lot like a Wizard’s Sleeve, only it’s usually covered in gravy and blood. And the Chef Sleeve (singular) is a disposable plastic bag which protects your iPad as you cook. Now, the makers of the Chef Sleeve (the bag, not the actual sleeve) will sell you a cutting board with a built-in iPad stand. What could possibly go wrong?

The chopping board is made from wood fibers compressed with a food-safe resin and cut to incorporate a slot that’ll hold an iPad in portrait or landscape orientations. And of course once you’ve spent your $70 on this slab of fancified MDF you’ll also be in the hole for Chef Sleeves pretty much forever, as using a naked iPad in such a situation would be foolish.

Other features include four non-slip feet, and something called a “Juice Groove,” which is something the kids say about modern music. I think a “juice groove” is an auto-tuned keyboard solo, or something.

Anyhow. You can chop your breakfast smoothie fruits whilst daydreaming about the wizard’s sleeve awaiting you back in bed, whilst listening to “juice grooves” on your Chef Sleeve protected iPad. What could be better?

Source: Chef Sleeve

  • friedbrains

    Actually, once my ipad batteries runs out of juice, about 3~5 years, then I can use my ipad as a cutting board!