The SplashSak Keeps Your iPad Safe And Dry



The SplashSak is a water-repelling pouch for your iDevice, which simultaneously protects it from everyday spills and also disguises it as a lunch or a wad of papers or just pretty much anything other than an iPad.

It also has the best name ever.

The SplashSak has long been the nickname I give to my scrotum. In this case, though, it can be any of a range of protective plastic and nylon cases, some with handles and straps, some without. And while most of them won’t actually let you go swimming with your iPad or iPhone, they will keep out your dripping sweat or the splashes from your clumsily dropped coffee cup.

The pictured “Sak” is the SplashSak Dipper, which is also the nickname I give my… [Enough!- Ed]. It’s a zip-closing nylon bag which keeps the contents dry and safe, and does it in brightly-colored style.

Currently, I just use a regular ziploc bag for my iProtection, but I could be convinced to use a proper prophylactic, just like The Lady persuaded me to … [I told you to stop it! – Ed]

$19 as pictured, available now.

Source: Loksak