Apple Store Employees Help Florida Police Apprehend Illiterate Morons


Criminal masterminds strike again in Florida.
Criminal masterminds strike again in Florida.

Don’t ever say that the people who work in the Apple Store aren’t actually geniuses. Apple Store employees in the Altamonte Mall in Seminole County, Florida managed to sleuth out a couple of identity thieves who were trying to buy iPhones with stolen IDs.

How’d these Sherlocks do it? They were tipped off by several subtle clues on the IDs themselves, including the fact that they were not made of the correct material, and featured a comical number of misspellings that could only be worse if they wrote down the name of the state as “Flrodia.” reports:

Altamonte Springs police say a man and woman had several fake IDs and refused to tell police their real names.

Employees at the Apple Store in the Altamonte Mall called police after they say the woman tried to buy several iPhones with a fake ID they say felt different and had several misspelled words.

According to the arrest report, the state was spelled wrong, and on the back it said “organ domer” instead of organ donor.

Apple Store employees could have just sold them empty cigarette cartons with the word “iFome” written in magic marker on the side, and these morons would have probably fallen for it, but they did the responsible thing and called the police instead.

Source: CFNews13