Apple May Have Cut iPad Display Panel Orders By 50% [Rumor]



Digitimes, every Mac lover’s least reputable rumor site, is now saying that Apple has cut its iPad display orders by 50%. You probably shouldn’t read too much into it, though, from the mouth of Tim Cook himself.

According to the ‘times, iPad display provider LG has reduced its capacity by about 40% after Apple drastically cut 9.7-inch panel orders from them, and it might go as low as 50%.

Apple has reportedly decided to cut shipments for its 9.7-inch iPad products in the first quarter to as low as six million units, down from Apple’s originally estimated 12-15 million units, due to increasing popularity among consumers for the iPad mini, said the sources.

You probably shouldn’t read too much into this. Just last week at the Q1 financial earnings call, Tim Cook told analysts not to read too much into single data points in Apple’s incredibly complex supply chain:

“I’d stress that even if a particular data point were to be factual, it would be impossible to interpret the effect on our business,” Cook said. “Our supply chain is very complex…there’s a long list of things that would make any single data point not a great proxy for what’s going on.”

Plus, would Apple really be ramping down display production on the 9.7-inch iPad when they just introduced a whole new 128GB iPad, signalling confidence that the iPad can become a professional and even premium product in the high-end?

So file under ‘Skeptical.’

Source: Digitimes

  • technochick

    It’s post holiday so they won’t be selling as quickly so why push folks to over produce.

    It’s also possible that the orders were cut because quality is at a level where they no longer have to order tons of extras in case some of them are crap and can’t be used

  • Steffen Jobbs

    But it’s much more fun to speculate that Apple is going out of business because of so many consumers are deciding not to buy Apple iPads and going with the cheaper Android products. Hearing about Apple losing sales has such a great ring to it. Besides, it’s the best way to justify Apple’s recent huge share price drop. Just add one plus one to get three. Just because Tim Cook said to read not too much into such supply changes it’s certainly not going to stop the bloggers from constantly spreading the rumors. After all, Apple is a doomed company and readers need to know precisely when Apple is going to close up shop.