MentalKase Is The Perfect Outdoor Companion For Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



Like a dummy, I bought a waterproof iPhone pouch without checking whether it fit my iPhone 5. It did, but only with some scary squeezing and bending. I bought the case to see me through a rainy trip to Paris at the end of last year, but when I discovered the mismatch (Paris Mis-Match?) I used my formidable mental powers to solve the problem – I hid in bars and coffee shops every time it rained.

If I’d had the mentalKase, though, I could’ve explored the city a little better. Well, almost.

The first version of the mentalKase is sized for the iPhone 4S, and isn’t waterproof. Both of these shortcomings will be resolved in the near future, we are promised. What the case is is a super-protective bumper with a few neat features. The case consists of an inner TPU shell and an outer EVA foam cover. The foam bounces and also has a big bar at the top so you can carabiner it from a bag or belt.

But the neat trick is that you can put the inner case into the outer case face-first. This protects the iPhone’s screen and back, and the outer EVA cover is designed so you can still jack in your headphones in either orientation.

I’ll hold out for a waterproof version. Or just stick to hiding in bars during showers. Should you be more forgiving, or less lazy, the case can be had for $55 or $60, depending on your iPhone model.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Valerie!