Thread, The Minimal Contacts App Replacement For iOS



Thread is a contacts app for the iPhone and iPad which follows the current trend in flat, minimalist interface design. If you’re a fan of the latest Twitterific, or Letterpress, then you’re going to love the look of Thread.

Apple’s own Contacts app is probably one of the worst apps on my iDevices. It’s bad enough on the iPhone, but on the iPad it is a joke, with a fake-book design that only uses half the screen.

Thread is the opposite, with super-clean design which shows little more than a list of names, or the contact info for one of those names. The app also syncs with Twitter and Facebook to pull in contacts and details from there, and there’s a built-in dialer for making calls. You can also create groups.

Best of all, it costs just $2. I’d pay a lot more than that if it meant I could ditch the Apple contacts app entirely. As it is, Contacts will have to stay hidden inside the folder marked “Crap,” which is the first folder I create on all my iOS devices.

Source: Thread

Thanks: Alison!

  • Ikariapower

    Give as a link for the app !!! I cannot find it !!!

  • chicagopjp

    Charlie – have you actually used this app? The App Store reviews are poor. Does Thread pull from the iOS contacts database? Does it work with Exchange accounts? Does it see groups that have already been set up on the device and/or iCloud?

  • seelee

    Methinks this article needs to go in the aforementioned “Crap” folder. For starters, the name of the app in the App Store is actually “Thead Contact.” Secondly, I hate all the duplicate entries. If I have a Contact with a Facebook and Twitter account, I have three entries.

  • owerrc

    this looks like a terrible “minimal” app. Another one that’s jumping on the bandwagon of minimalism without any actual design consideration.

    I see 10 tiny icons on the bottom and a screen filled with 9pt type, this is anything but minimalistic.

  • canintex

    Just an FYI the app is called “Thread Contact” in the app store. Here’s the link

  • hanhothi

    Just gone up in price. Crap indeed!

  • Ikariapower

    It’s not available in the Greek App Store !!! :-(

  • applesandsynths

    This app sucks. Don’t waste your money like I did. Duplicate contacts everywhere and tiny icons across the bottom. Tiny font makes it awkward to choose names and the “home” screen of swiping through to locate contacts is weak.