PureShot Squeezes Every Last Drop Of Quality From Your iPhone’s Camera



I have far too many photo apps on my iPhone and iPad, but I only ever use one of them to shoot pictures – the built-in camera app. Why? Because it is fast and good. It captures the best the sensor has to offer, and it is accessible right from the lock screen.

But there is a new app which might tempt me away. It’s called PureShot, and it is pretty great.

PureShot is a kind of distilled version of the pro photo app 645 Pro. Like the older app, PureShot will let you save uncompressed JPG versions of your images (at better quality than Apple’s own app) and also TIFF files, which the developer bills as “RAW” images.

Unlike 645 Pro, PureShot has a slick and easy-to-use interface. There are plenty of things to tweak under the hood, but if you just want to shoot you can.

Apart from the higher-quality photos, you can enjoy on-screen histograms, live readout of ISO and shutter speed, a hardware shutter button, proper night mode and more. Here’s the rundown:

  • A choice of HI_Quality JPEG, MAX-Quality JPEG or dRAW TIFF output*
  • A choice of standard multi-zone or (positionable) spot-metering
  • Configurable tap-to-focus. Set-and-lock, or simply define the point-of-interest
  • Standard 4:3 or square 1:1 image ratio
  • A “soft” shutter release button that can be configured just how you want it to be
  • Comprehensive on-screen information
  • Real-time ISO, shutter-speed and GPS readouts, with optional Ev100, Dynamic Ev, luminance or illuminance reading
  • A choice of four real-time histogram options
  • Night mode, for real extended shutter speeds of up to 1 sec
  • Quality-optimized 6X digital zoom
  • Direct integration with other apps, including Dropbox and image editors

I like this app quite a lot, although it will never fully replace the built-in app (it’s just so easy to swipe up on the lock screen).

But when I have a little extra time, or I really want to grab the best shot possible, PureShot will be the app I launch.

Source: App Store

Via: iPhoneography

  • Tris Hussey

    Man, another app I need to buy. Have you done side-by-side comparisons of the results yet?

  • OnlyOneJK

    (Sorry if this is a repost, had sign-in issues)

    Charlie, how does Purshot compare to KitCam? I forced myself to replace the native camera app with KitCam a few months back. Hid the native app in a folder. For a quick shot, I just use the camera “flick” on the lock screen if I need to capture something quickly.

    KitCam has been great (easy to use, lots of setting adjustments, etc) but always open to trying new/better apps. I am also unsure if KitCam has the same output settings Pureshot boasts, which I am very interested in.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.