Postpone Sleep For Your OS X Mountain Lion Mac Using This Free App [OS X Tips]


Sleep No More

Remember that tip, way back in 2012, where we showed you how to use the “caffeinate” command in the Terminal to prevent your Mac from sleeping for a specified amount of time? Well, it’s a new year, and with that comes a new way to keep your Mac from sleeping.

Sleep No More is a free app for your Mac that allows you to set a specific duration to postpone your Mac’s regularly scheduled sleep time. It’s a simple, graphical way to make this happen, without all that Terminal stuff, as it’s a nice little menu bar app.

Head on over to the Sleep No More website, and download the app from there. After it’s downloaded, click and drag the resulting app to your Applications folder and then double click it to launch. The icon for Sleep No More will show up in your menubar, to the left of the other currently installed and enabled menubar apps. Simply click on the little icon and then drag the number slider to the left or right to set the amount of time you want Sleep Mode on your Mac to wait.

Click on Postpone Sleep Mode to enable the timer, and then your Mac will wait that long before defaulting to the regular sleep time. In other words, if you set up your Mac to regularly sleep after an hour of inactivity, once the Sleep No More timer is up, your Mac will stay awake for another hour or inactivity before sleeping.

Source: Sleep No More
Via: Addictive Tips