Samsung’s New NX300 Camera Plays Nice With Smartphones [CES]



As Samsung improves its cellphones by adding proper cameras, so it is tweaking its cameras to make them more like pocket computers. The new mirrorless flagship NX300 adds better Wi-Fi connectivity and a massive 3.3-inch, 768,000-dot 16:9 touchscreen.

The camera is also improved over the NX210. It has a 20MP APS-C sensor, hybrid AF (which adds the way-faster phase-detection autofocus found in SLRs to the existing slow-but-accurate contrast-detection AF), and a new processor capable of swallowing 9 frames per second (stills) and 1080p at 60fps (video).

All of which improves a fairly solid camera. And if you choose to use it with your cellphone, you’ll get auto-reconnection (via Wi-Fi) plus the option to have the camera sync any new photos across to the phone. This is the promise of things like the Eye-Fi card, only without the incessant crashing.

The camera will cost $750, and we’ll be checking it out at CES next week.

Via: Digital Photography Review