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Apple Begins 1-Million-Square-Foot Expansion In Austin, Texas [Report]


Apple Operations Center in Austin, Texas

Back in July, Apple purchased acres and acres of land surrounding its campus in the heart of Austin, Texas. It was later reported that Apple was making a $304 million investment to grow its operations in Austin and bring an additional 3,600 jobs to the area.

Now Apple has broken ground on its 39-acre Texan campus in an effort to expand its growing U.S. Operations Center.

Our friends at Wired have an in-depth look at the project:

Apple has run an operations center in Austin for years now. It already employs about 3,500 hardware engineers, support staff and operations people there. But the new buildings will add another 1 million square feet of office space in Austin. And within 10 years, that should mean another 3,600 jobs for the company, bringing Austin’s headcount to 7,100.

According to Apple, the larger center is needed for things like “accounting, human resources and finance.” This base in Texas isn’t to be confused with Apple’s main headquarters in Cupertino, California, where Jony Ivy leads the design of existing and future products. Apple’s campus in Austin is more like a typical business office.

Apple hopes to completely finish the new buildings by 2021. Instead of $304 million, Apple is saying it will cost $287 million.

Construction for Apple’s futuristic, 2.8 million-square-foot ‘Campus 2’ in Cupertino was recently pushed back to 2016. The 176-acre piece of property will be Apple’s main headquarters when it’s finished.

Source: Wired