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Correct Spellings Quick If You Want To Win The Grading Game [Review]


A fun spelling and grammar game! Wait, what?
A fun spelling and grammar game! Wait, what?

Raise your hand if you think spelling and grammar are fun. Raise it up. A little higher. Aha, I see you there. And your friend! Both of you, come closer and listen, because I need to tell you about this unique new iOS game where you win points by spotting spelling mistakes.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to like the Grading Game. But after a few rounds, I found myself warming to it. It’s harder than you might think and harder than it looks, and quite a serious challenge to the brain. Here’s how it works.

You play the role of a newly arrived high school teacher, instructed by your mean principal to hand out the lowest grades possible.

Each level shows you a piece of written work from a student – it might be on any topic. Each piece is crammed with errors of spelling, grammar, capitalization and more. All you have to do is spot them before your time runs out.

Correcting a mistake simply involves tapping on it, but the taps need to come fast. In the opening levels, you only get 25 or 30 seconds to read through each piece and spot all the mistakes. It’s much harder than you’d think. Although most of the challenge is for your brain, there’s a certain amount of physical skill required too – you need to make sure you tap the right words, because if you tap something that’s already correct, you suffer an instant time penalty, and believe me you need to have every second if you want to spot all the errors.

Their errors are your success

The time limit also makes this a hard game, from quite early on. You need to be both accurate and fast. All of which adds to the appeal.

This is never going to have the mass market reach of something like Angry Birds, but it’s an interesting app because it’s so different. It’s a word game, a speed challenge and a spelling test all wrapped up in one, and more fun to play than I thought it would be. There’s a free version to try out, or you can buy the full version for a dollar.

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