TonePrint App Beams Settings To Guitar Pedals Through Your Guitar’s Pickups



The new TonePrint app lets you download guitar-pedal presets to your iPhone and then squirt them into your actual pedal via the pickup of your guitar. This magical-sounding ability is actually pretty simple, but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

To use TonePrints, you’ll need TonePrint-enabled pedals from TC Electronic. The usual suspects are all there – chorus, delay, reverb, flanger and more – and the pedals can be loaded with presets designed by various famous guitarists.

The clever part comes when you point the iPhone’s speaker at the guitar’s pickup, sending “a unique-sounding magnetic impulse” down the wire and into the connected pedal.

Clever indeed. The app is free, as are the TonePrints, and you can also grab a version for Android should you hate yourself. Pedals need a firmware update to use the new service, but this is free and easy using your Mac and a USB cable.

Source: TC Electronic