Bring An iPad-Controlled, Transforming Robot Home For The Holidays For Only $26,000


The Transformers movies aren’t all that bad. Well, except for the moronic plots, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Michael Bay, and the over-the-top explosions. I mean, at least the robots are kind of cool. Who wouldn’t want a Camero that can annihilate an entire city for you?

Brave Robotics is a Tokyo-based company that’s bringing Transformer-style robots into the real world, complete with arm missiles and everything. The only catch is that right now a humanoid that transforms into a car costs about $26,000.

The robot is entirely 3D printed, other than the motors and circuitry. It’s controlled with a wireless remote that looks like a hacked Playstation controller, but it also comes with a Wi-Fi camera that you can connect to your iPad so you can control remotely if you want to save Candice Swanepoel from the safety of your couch.

It’s taken about 10 years for the transforming robot to be completed, even though it’s only 1/12 the size of a real car. The company behind the robot plans to build other versions and hopes to have a full-sized transforming car/robot with built-in artificial intelligence by 2030.

Source: YouTube

Via: Techcrunch