Microsoft’s True iPad Killer Will Cost A Whopping $900, But It Comes With A Free Stylus



Microsoft Surface is supposed to be Remond’s answer to the iPad. It’s beautiful and has a cool keyboard. But the reviews for the Surface RT were pretty underwhelming. We played with it too and though it was cool, but definitely no iPad killer.

The common consensus in the tech world is that we’ll have to wait till Microsoft releases the Surface Pro with full Windows 8 before making a judgement on Microsoft’s dreams of squashing the iPad. Well, things aren’t looking too promising because Microsoft just announced that the Surface Pro will be available in January 2013 except it’s going to be expensive, like holy-crap-I-just-blew-$900 expensive.

Yep, the baseline model of the Microsoft Surface Pro will be priced at $899. For the nearly the price of two iPads with Retina display you’ll be able to buy a 64GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro that comes with regular Windows 8 rather than the crummy Windows RT that comes with the Surface RT.

Oh, and that $900 you’re going to shell out on the Surface Pro doesn’t include one of their really awesome Touch Cover keyboards. You’ll have to buy that separately for $129, but you do get a free stylus with your purchase so it’s not a total loss, right?