iPhone 5 Shipping Delay Improves Again, Now Stands At Just One Week


Order an iPhone 5 today and have it shipped by next Monday.
Order an iPhone 5 today and have it shipped by next Monday.

The shipping delay for Apple iPhone 5 has been steadily dropping over the past few weeks, and today it reached an all-time low of just one week. At least, that’s the case if you live in Australia. Estimates for other regions — including the United States — are still at two weeks, but we’re expecting those to drop soon, too.

The new one-week delay means you can order an iPhone 5 today and it’ll be shipped out by next Monday. That’s still a pretty lengthy wait, of course, but it’s a big improvement. Just a few weeks ago, customers ordering the handset through Apple’s online store were facing shipping delays of up to a month.

It’s still quicker to pick up a device from an Apple retail store, or from your carrier — which continue to receive regular deliveries of the handset. But if for any reason you can only buy online, this is great news.

Again, these estimates have only improved in Apple’s Australian online store at the time of writing this piece. But we’re expecting them to rollout to other countries shortly.

Source: Apple Australia

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