TechCrunch Makes Their App iPhone-Friendly



Hello, reader. while you’ve obviously found a source of news you like for Apple-related info, where do you go for non Apple-related news? (I know: “If it’s not Apple-related, I don’t wanna read it!” But just bear with me here).

One of the sites I like to hit up is TechCrunch; they’ve got a ton of info and background on the outfits in the tech world, and the writing is pretty good. And TC’s editors are always quick to regale me with a crazy story whenever I bump into them. Anyway, version 2.0 of the TechCrunch app just debuted today, and it’s now a Universal App — making it easy to get your geek fix on your iPhone.

All the valuable CrunchBase content on the machinations behind tech startups is there too. The app also includes an offline reading feature so posts can be read without having to jack in to a data or wifi signal. They’ve even included video from TechCrunch TV on the home screen (the iPad version also gets this with the update).