Walmart Employees Caught On Tape Torturing iPads [Video]


You'll want to avoid getting an iPad in Walmart in future.
You'll want to avoid getting an iPad in Walmart in future.

Have you ever purchased an iPad from Walmart, then got it home and found its box was battered, or worse, the device itself was smashed? It probably happens a lot in Pikeville, Kentucky, where employees at one Walmart store have fun with Apple’s latest tablet by throwing new units around the stock room.

And if that wasn’t stupid enough, they also recorded themselves doing it for a video that explains “why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart.”

In the 48-second clip below, a quartet of Walmart employees pick out Apple’s iPad from within a pile of other electronics, then throw them around the room. One even smashes a brand new model on the floor before his colleague laughs and says, “that motherf*cker’s broke.”

The video was uploaded to Reddit by “SeniorPierre,” who says the video was sent to them by an employee at the store. Thankfully, those in the video were apparently “fired and prosecuted.”

Source: Reddit

Via: The Next Web

  • TinCan2012

    Follow up. All the iPads in this ‘test’ were ok and working perfectly. None of the Android tablets or phones subjected to the same treatment survived. That is all.

  • dcj001

    A person in the video said, “That one’s broke.”

    The article says,”Thankfully, those in the video were apparently “fired and prosecuted.”

    Who is “broke” now?

  • Ed_Kel

    Nothing better than to start the day by watching a video showing off the true intelligence of today’s generation.

    Enjoy the trailer park and EBT’s kids! Your future doesn’t look so bright….

  • Jdsonice

    I have compared pries of Apple products at multiple stores and given the level of service one gets at an Apple store it does not make any sense at all to buy the product anywhere but at the Apple store.

  • Stevaroo01

    Dumb idiots!

  • Karl

    It’s not a generational thing… This happened a few times at the store I worked at when I was in high school, “back in the good ol’ days”. It was dumb then and dumb now. Maybe even dumber because they took a video of it.

  • cultofmacdaddy

    Hey boy, squeal like a pig.

  • lwdesign1

    These guys are knowingly damaging products that their employer, Walmart, sells to customers. It’s not only unethical but criminal behavior. Add to this their amazing stupidity in recording their criminal activities for the world to see. Something I’ve observed about crim types: They seem to have zero ability to foresee future consequences for their actions. One of my favorite definitions for “honesty” is “doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” The maxim is “Don’t do anything that can come back and bite you in the butt if it gets found out.”

  • Ollie_McMillan

    What a waste of technology.

  • snipershot325

    nothing new in the south of america…

  • WalmartNewsroom

    Hi. This is Kira from Walmart’s Customer Service Department. We were extremely disappointed to see such disregard for our customers and products. We are currently conducting an internal investigation and will be taking the necessary disciplinary actions. We’d like to reassure our customers that we are inspecting our electronic merchandise inventory and stand behind the products we sell. If there is an issue with a product you purchase at any location, it will be replaced or you will be refunded.

  • WalmartNewsroom

    The associates involved no longer work for Walmart. Since this unfortunate incident, we haven’t received any returns of this merchandise. We stand behind our merchandise and our associates and assure our customers that they can, too.

  • Soundguyrob

    2 words….GET GIRLFRIENDS

  • Garym

    Really, you shouldn’t buy anything from Walmart EVER. Since the death of Sam Walton, they have done nothing but kill American jobs and LOWER the American standard of living through forcing US companies to outsource to China and other low-wage sweatshop nations. As employers, the deliberately deny their employees a living wage or basic benefits, actually instructing new hires how to apply for foodstamps, knowing they will NOT be able to live on Walmart wages. Their predatory business practices have driven countless locally owned retailers out of business, then once competition is eliminated, their prices go up. They strongarm local governments into subsidizing the building of Walmart stores with tax breaks and providing infrastructure such as road construction and utilities, while employing NO local labor or suppliers to build the stores, then if sales aren’t satisfactory, abandon the store.

  • BemusedCartoonist

    These guys are young, broke, and probably don’t have any meaningful employment prospects, now or in the future. Ipads are a toy of the upper middle class, a symbol of the status and wealth that they will never be allowed the opportunity to achieve. I don’t condone their actions, and boy were they dumb to post a video of their shenanigans, but I can certainly see where they’re coming from. Retail clerks receive endless abuse from the people they’re trying to help; from my personal experience, the more affluent the customer, the more tactless and condescending the treatment. They took out their frustrations on a luxury consumer item that will be considered obsolete and disposable in 18 months by most of the people who can afford to buy them. For their trouble, they’ve lost their jobs, and now have criminal records that will make getting new jobs difficult at best, and at worst, might be the start of a vicious downward economic spiral they’ll spend many, many miserable years climbing out of.

  • jaybee16

    I have compared pries of Apple products at multiple stores and given the level of service one gets at an Apple store it does not make any sense at all to buy the product anywhere but at the Apple store.

    Some people live no where near an Apple Store.