Build And Battle Cross-Platform With ‘Knightly Adventure’ iOS Game


Knightly Adventure

The developers at Pangalore have released a new game for iOS and Facebook that combines an action RPG with a city building sim. The hybrid game is free to download and play on iOS, and it connects with the Facebook game of the same name.

It’s good looking, plays well, and scratches that free-to-play city building/simulation itch we all seem to have these days. You can build your own fantasy medieval kindgom, cultivate crops, craft items and engage in quests. You can play via your web browser on your Mac via Facebook, and then on your iPad 2 or newer, including the iPad mini, iPhone 4 or newer, or iPod touch 4th Generation device. It’ll be coming to Android soon, as well.

You only have to use Facebook if you want to be able to play on the web; there are Game Center and single player options as well.

Building a kingdom is exactly what you’d expect, with crops and energy mechanics and building things. The graphics are really good, and are the same on every platform, including the web. While you wait for your buildings to build and your crops to grow, then, you can head out on quests to fight monsters across the land, earning coin of the realm to then go back and build even better buildings and grow better crops.

The story begins in the mystical world of Loreland, where strange and curious monsters unfamiliar to mankind roam wild. You have somehow become stranded in this unusual place and strive to return home to continue pursuing your lifelong dream.

Only because of you, does Loreland become the perfect place to cultivate heroism as you thrust courageously onward, encountering countless adventures and thriving in excitement and danger.

You can choose your own character from several classes, including a wizard named Zed, a warrior named Butch, a knight named Sir Boss, or a female ranger named Novahood. Each has their own strengths and talents to bring into the hack n slash adventuring modes. As you level them up, you’ll be able to upgrade their vital stats, their weapons, and their costumes

As with any freemium game, you can buy items, costume, weapons, and coins at the Shop, which is located in the main hub town where you start your adventure. Pangalore promises that the game will remain free to play forever, and that you can beat the game without spending a thin cent. That’s pretty good, right?

Pangalore is based in San Francisco and Seoul, Korea. It built Knightly Adventure in HTML 5 and used the Unity engine, which gives the game the ability to work across so many platforms.

Knightly Adventure is available in the iTunes app store now, and can be played on Facebook as well.

Source: iTunes