OS X Video Director Looking For Help On Next Apple-Themed Viral Project



Dennis Liu, creator of the clever OS X-themed music video that went viral last week, is looking for help with his next Apple-themed video.
On May 9, Dennis posted a music video he’d made for indie band The Bird & The Bee featuring his OS X desktop and dozens of applications. The video, featured below, has been viewed more than 600,000 times and written up on scores of blogs and websites.
Eleven days later, the video has earned Dennis several job offers and offers of work from Yahoo, Microsoft and HBO, he says. According to Dennis, the highlights of his “crazy” week are:
– Ranked #1 viral video at www.viralvideochart.com for 1 week.- Head nods from several known Hollywood producers and directors.- Talks to getting a manager/agent at a major talent representation agency- NYU, USC, and Berkeley requesting the video to show their film/new media students.- E-mails from major corporations, including marketing directors and employees of Yahoo, Microsoft, HBO, Pixar, Disney, and of course Apple.- Invited to screen at film festivals world wide, from the UK to Australia- Bird & the Bee enjoyed the video, going to their NYC concert in June 2nd.- An apple store manager in IL showed all her employees the video as an example to artfully show the power of the macs to customers.- The author of “Stickies” wrote to congratulate, as well as a lead developer of OSX. http://mooseyard.com/Jens/2008/05/stickies-makes-its-music-video-debut/- Many, many, many start-ups/unknown musicians looking for a director to shoot their next video/ad.
Dennis works at the NY ad agency BBDO, and used to work out of Saatchi & Saatchi NY shooting viral videos. More about Dennis here.
Next on the horizon, Dennis says he’s looking for help shooting another Apple-related viral. He writes:
“I have another really cool idea, very different from this one – but still with enormous viral potential for Apple. Would take probably twice as long to make, but could be very cool. But am trying to decide whether it’s worth the amount of work… especially when it’s all by myself. If there is a next time, I could appreciate a hand….”

10 responses to “OS X Video Director Looking For Help On Next Apple-Themed Viral Project”

  1. leigh says:

    I loved that video,

    what’s more is that I love the ability of technology to presently empower a generation artists to create without the usual homogenization imposed by traditional distribution mechanisms.

  2. ckoerner says:

    “Dennis posted a music video he’d made for indie band The Bird & The Bee featuring his OS X desktop and dozens of applications.”

    I believe he created the video for himself, as a project to promote his skills. The Bird & The Bee already have made a video for this particular song.

  3. crummett says:

    As a Mac fanboy, I started to write down all of the apps that I could recognize, until I saw he had the whole list on YouTube. I got about 75% of them.

  4. Sunda says:

    I think it’s one of the most creative video’s i have ever seen!!!!
    I produce my own music for my self and my mates. It’s amazing what you can do for your self I did a tune for this guy’s video and it was a lot harder coz i had a deadline.
    All i can say is i hope he manages to keep his freedom and creativity in the future, as it looks like he has just taken off…..

    All the best Dennis :)

  5. Cola says:

    any particular reason you put the video link in flash?