Apple Store App For iOS Updated, Adds Gift Cards, Passbook, And Siri Features


This is seriously the coolest way to buy Apple stuff.
This is seriously the coolest way to buy Apple stuff.

The App Store app is a fantastic thing, letting you walk into an Apple Store, scan a product on the shelf, pay for it with your iTunes account, and walk out. I ordered my iPad mini from the iPhone app this past week, as well. The app has been updated today, adding the ability to buy new gift cards and email them to anyone right from within the app. The gift cards can then be integrated into the new Passbook app in the US.

According to Cult of Mac staff, however, the Passbook functionality is not working yet, and we speculate it may be a server issue.

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is now also able to help you find prices of and shop for Apple products if you have a Siri-enabled device.

You can use the Apple Store app now to buy products on the go, then pick them up at an Apple Retail store, or even have them shipped to you (if you live in the US). You can order a new iPhone from your current iPhone (yo, dawg, we heard you like iPhones…), order iPads and arrange for engraving, and even set up gift wrapping for some Apple products. Pretty slick, right?

Once ordered, you can track your stuff, checking the status of your orders right in the app, and–my favorite–use EasyPay to walk in, scan a product, and walk out. Though I still find it a bit odd to grab something off a shelf and walk out the door with it, even though I know I just paid for it with the app.

You can even set up Genius bar appointments, schedule a One to One reservation, check in for service when you get to an Apple Retail store, and sign up for workshops and events.

The updated Apple Store app is available in the iTunes App Store now for free.

Source: iTunes App Store